Show you know the noise of the diesel generator is divided into which a few kinds

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Diesel generating set is widely used in hotels, communications and engineering construction, etc. As backup power supply, diesel generating set is a kind of environmental noise pollution, excessive noise will affect the security of person. International standard ISO 8528 for diesel generator set noise make that clear, our country is also included in the national standard GB2820 deadline made on noise limitations: the power is not more than 250 kw diesel generator set, should not be greater than 102 db noise. Domestic research on low noise diesel generating sets started relatively late, although in recent years has developed a variety of specifications of the diesel generator set, but still can't meet the demand of the market. 1 diesel generator set noise diesel generating set is composed of diesel generators, generator and other connection, the noise is a kind of complex sound source made up of a variety of sound source. Diesel generating sets according to the way of noise radiation, noise can be divided into: ( 1) The aerodynamic noise, it is due to the unsteady process of the gas, which is by the disturbance of the gas and gas interact with objects, mainly includes: air intake and exhaust noise and cooling fan noise. The aerodynamic noise is the main noise source. ( 2) Surface radiated noise, it contains the combustion noise and mechanical noise is difficult to distinguish between, usually will be formed by the combustion in cylinder pressure vibration, through a piston cylinder head a connecting rod, crankshaft produced by the body to the outside radiation noise is called combustion noise; Will result from a hit to the piston to the cylinder liner, timing gear, distribution agencies and injection system between the moving parts of mechanical impact vibration and noise is called the mechanical noise. Mechanical noise is broadband continuous spectrum, frequency of its strongest between 125, 1 000 hz. 2 noise testing diesel generating sets due to large volume, complex background noise, is difficult in the test, refer to GB/T2820 & middot; 10 a 2002 'reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternator part 10: noise measurement ( Package surface method) 'On the test. Motor technology devices and equipment for diesel generator set, average at least take 5 points, 5 point, for the diesel generator set to run when the measured noise sound pressure level and individual background noise when the difference between the average sound pressure level, dB, as measured in the environment temperature and inlet temperature should be higher than that of 47 ℃, a detailed record of diesel generator set speed, the average output power, environment temperature and fuel type equivalence. 3 noise control of diesel generator set noise is mainly composed of diesel generating sets itself inherent background spectrum and noise peak. Now generally adopt sound insulation, noise elimination and vibration isolation, noise reduction technology to achieve purpose of reducing the noise of a diesel generator set.
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