Shipping should be paid attention to when the diesel generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
Shipping diesel generating sets what it should be noted: as you all know, power generation equipment is large and bulky, and mobile machines needed help, after put so, in the generator was laid for the first time is important! The base of the generating set is specially designed for the convenience of transportation. Incorrect handling can lead to serious damage of generating set parts. Available lift forklift carefully lift the generator set or focus on pushing or pulling, be careful on the chassis. If pushed, don't directly push the machine with a fork, must be placed between the fork and frame wood case frame and dispersed weight bruised. If generator always handling, can be on the rack tops & other; Oil filled type slide rail & throughout; , slippery course will provide forklift grooves are provided and suspension. Smaller models exist for forklift lifting groove on the chassis. 1, do not use the engine or alternator rings to lift up generating set. 2, check whether the suspension equipment and supporting hand is in good condition, hanging equipment load. 3, when the lift machine, anyone do not walk into. If ready to lift the generator set, should be installed to the hanging device, a single point of standard machine one day cover has the single-point suspension device. If the lift the generator set to installation, the chassis hole for hoist is set for lifting unit, connection, check whether has firmly hang, welds with and without cracks, whether screw tightening and so on. Need a bruise on rail in order to protect the machine hoisting points should be in the center of gravity ( Close to the generator) Instead of the center of the whole machine, this can be vertical lift. Once the machine off the ground, with guide lock to prevent steel rope swing kink or machine. Don't lift when windy. Machine down to place in the land of the flat and can withstand the generating set weight.
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