Rocker arm cleaning inspection and repair method is as follows

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
1) Breathe in through your cleaning fluid so parts. 2) Using compressed air in and out so the oil duct ( Including oil hole on the rocker arm shaft and a rocker oil hole in the body) 。 3) Check by the magnetic testing method radial surface crack damage, as shown in figure 3 - 58. 4) On the rocker arm adjusting screw of the valve clearance must be correct spherical ball and socket. With 6. 35 mm ball gauge to check, such as smooth at the bottom of the screw. Have obvious scar or rough, should be replaced, as shown in figure 3 - 59. Check into the exhaust rocker arm contact with t-shaped plate convex for wear or damage, replace the rocker arm when necessary. 5) Check all the screws and radial threads of the screw hole. Check the lock nut screw thread without distortion, screw in the rocker screw hole must turn freely. 6) Check fuel injector driver on the rocker arm of fuel injector and fuel injector pin is correct, should replace the damaged fuel injector. 7) Check whether there is any damage or pits on the rocker bushing, use check bushing diameter inside micrometer, value shown in table 3 - 7. Table 3 - 7 6 bt type diesel generators rocker arm bushing inside diameter ( Unit: mm) Minimum maximum wear limit 28. 28 562. 28 639. 664 KTTA type diesel generators rocker arm bushing diameter is 34. 887-34. 997mm。 8) Such as rocker arm bushing wear more than wear limit, you should use rocker arm bushing mandrel pressure bushing, cleaning bushing hole and compressed air to blow dry, then push the new bushing, as shown in figure 3 - 60. 9) Into the valve rocker arm must be installed step within the youdao drilling hole is riveting, as shown in figure 3 - Shown in 61, the injector and the exhaust rocker arm is no longer oil drilling blind hole riveting plug is installed inside, holes in the rocker drilling must be open and one side can lubrication t-shaped plate and injector drive pin. 10) Check the wear of rocker arm shaft and scars. Because of the rocker arm in arm on sports, produced in the shaft shoulder or protuberance, as shown in figure 3 - Shown in 62, rocker arm shaft should be replaced. 6 bt type diesel generators are shown in table 3 - size of the rocker arm shaft 8.
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