Reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generating set three tips

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
Many friends in order to saving the cost of the use of the diesel generator set, are seeking to save fuel consumption, the method of the following summarizes the operation experience for everyone after sorting out the three energy saving tips, share with you in the below. one As far as possible choose to suit his needs power of diesel generator set, don't choose too big, lest the fuel consumption is high, and don't choose just the right, in order to avoid generating set with long time will have certain power decrease. Under normal circumstances should be the 80% of power of the generator set power needed just for you. two Regularly check to replace diesel generator on the oil filter, diesel filter and air filter. Because in the long run, hard to avoid has impurities, blocked a/so that it is easy to produce high fuel consumption. 3. Had better choose a regular gas station out high grade diesel. Because the oil is clean. Also, diesel after you come back to buy the best precipitation after a period of time to use again. You can through the above three tips to achieve the goal of fuel-efficient, in addition, also want to pay attention to the maintenance of oil transfer pump diesel generating set, want to save the energy consumption and ensure sufficient combustion is key, so the maintenance of oil transfer pump can not be ignored. Dynamic inventory lots kinds of brushless, four protection, self-starting, low noise, Marine and movable high quality, low energy of diesel generator set, with more than 20 years of professional experience level, business pluripotency and to adhere to strict quality standards, to ensure the stability of the source of power supply reliability.
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