Power generation mechanical and electrical corrosion situation

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
There are two kinds of generator power general situation 1. Partial discharge, the main generator partial discharge are mainly in the winding insulation of internal discharge. End three kinds of corona discharge and slot discharge, this is because under the action of electric field, the insulation system of insulator electric field intensity to breakdown voltage of local area. Discharge in parts, but only partial, and not through the insulation. Short-term the stator winding of stator winding or joint fracture discharge: street fracture caused by arc discharge. For the failure discharge. The discharge of great harm. Electric power generation mechanical and electrical corrosion corrosion occurred in generator slot of nail wire surface and core parts of a corrosion, lighter when make wire rod anticorona layer and the insulating surface granulation white dots. When serious destruction anticorona layer, the main insulation surface pitting by eating, even result in wire rod and power loss. Generator parts of electric corrosion, generally has two kinds: one kind is occurred between the anticorona layer and stator slot, usually referred to as the outer corrosion, another kind is occurred between the anticorona layer and the main insulation, usually referred to as the internal corrosion. Generator to produce electricity corrosion reason mainly has: 1, ideas groove not spray low-resistance semiconductor 2 before logoff. Article use of electricity is unqualified, the grass and the matter of 3. Stator line bar fixed mode is not standard 4. The size of the wire rod peace straight degree is not standard, disc tolerance is not in conformity with the requirements, etc. Due to these reasons, nail line anticorona generator notch part layer surface and the loss of electrical contact between the stator slot wall and produce capacitive discharge. And because of its capacity is big, in a discharge is the edm and the temperature of several hundred to thousands of degrees c. At the same time, discharge the air ionization produced by ozone and oxygen in the air, water chemistry, corrosion on wire rod and the core, this is called electric corrosion.
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