Plunger wear diesel generator starting difficulty of emergency treatment

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
Plunger wear, increase the diesel oil leakage, causing shortages of diesel generators oil when starting to make it hard to start. This kind of situation in winter or diesel generators starting is more outstanding. At this point, can adopt the following emergency methods: (1) to add thick device is equipped with starting fuel injection pump, can add the oil pump in thick when starting position, and keep a period of time. (2) the governor's biggest oil control screw back several times, increase the oil; Also can avoid exposure to plunger wear larger commonly used original position, thus reducing leakage, easy to start. (3) may temporarily will each cylinder injector lower injection pressure, increase in oil, which can make up for a lack of the amount of oil caused by leakage. (4) the car equipped with low temperature starting fluid, can to the intake pipe inside the injection starting fluid, help starting. (4) to remove the air filter, take a root length is about 1 m hose or plastic pipe smoking a pipe of diesel, blow into the air inlet pipe, diesel oil amount to about 100 ml/min, which can increase when starting to enter the amount of oil in the cylinder, make up for a lack of oil supply, the effect is very obvious.
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