Often appear in the diesel generator set using two erroneous zone

by:Jet Power     2020-11-26
A many operators, diesel generator set speed should be lower than diesel engine in use under the working speed, they think the lower speed will not fail. In fact, the low speed may cause some bad consequences: one is low speed will reduce the output power of diesel engine, and reduce its performance; The speed of the two is too low to cause a decline in various parts work speed, exacerbating the performance parts, reduce the output of the oil pump pressure, etc. ; Three is to reduce the reserve power of diesel engine, make originally should be in normal working state of diesel engine in full or overload; Four is speed is too low to make mechanical linkage work speed is reduced, will reduce the mechanical properties of work such as reduce the water yield of water pump, reduce the pump head, etc. Second, the diesel engine water temperature should be lower water temperature requirements of the diesel engine with clear rules, but some drivers like to adjust the water temperature was very low, some close to the lower limit of water temperature, some less than lower limit. They think that the water temperature is low, do not show up in the water pump cavitation phenomenon, cooling water, Liquid) Don't interrupt, insurance use of coefficient. Actually water cavitation will happen as long as no more than 95 ℃, cooling water, Liquid) Also not break. On the contrary, if the water temperature is too low, is extremely harmful for diesel engine work. One is low temperature, cylinders diesel combustion conditions deteriorate, poor fuel atomization, combustion period growth after fire, engine working rough, intensify the crankshaft bearing, piston ring and other components damaged, power is reduced, economy. After the second is the combustion of water vapor condensation in the cylinder wall, cause metal corrosion. 3 it is to burn diesel may dilute oil, lubrication conditions deteriorate. Four fuel combustion is incomplete and form colloid, make the piston ring card within the ring grooves, valve jam, at the end of the compression pressure in the cylinder decreases. Five is the oil temperature too low water temperature is too low, has thickened oil, liquid, oil pump pump oil quantity is little, so that shortage of lubricating oil in generating set, plus the crankshaft bearing clearance smaller, bad lubrication.
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