Now part of its structure and function principle of the points above

by:Jet Power     2020-11-28
A, the gear oil pump and diaphragm regulators after the engine operation, gear pump driven by the spindle, it will be after suction cleaner fuel from import, and output of fuel at a certain pressure, after the fuel fine filter in to two speed. Oil at the same time, there is a way to make gear oil pump chamber and the diaphragm stabilizer are interlinked, for output to eliminate fuel pressure fluctuations. Second, the fuel filter pump output of fuel, as shown in figure 5 - 3, the first pass filter filter oil removal of impurities. From the fuel pump, oil enters the filter from fuel injection pump, fuel through the mesh to ( G) Filter the fuel flow type governor, scripture to v type governor. Filter core can filter the fuel in the iron powder. Every 500 h after use, should be cleaner to unpick and wash. When cleaning, take off the lid and mesh use clean diesel fuel for cleaning, with compressed air blowing off. Finer mesh sizes should be paid attention to when assembling a pack in the above, the end plate with hole have to down, fuel oil won't be able to pass. The lid of the tightening torque is 34 ~ 41 n & middot; m。 Note that don't overexert, otherwise, will filter pressure ring. Three, governor PT ( G) V type fuel pump assembly is equipped with two speed; Two speed type, G) Speed and full speed type v type governor. The two can manipulate the throttle lever, normal throttle lever and VS the throttle lever, to use fuel pump speed when all the way, can the normal throttle is fixed in the biggest opening position, with VS throttle control. To make the two levels of speed adjustment, can put the VS throttle fixed in the biggest opening position, use normal throttle control. 1. ( G) Speed is shown in figure 5 - 2 and 5 - 4, after the fuel into the governor, has three export: the gas channel, idle oil duct, the bypass oil. Governor plunger moving around 6, can make the oil hole and the above one or two of the three export is same. The position of the plunger depends on the working condition of diesel engine, mainly depends on the engine speed. Diesel engine under different conditions, G) The type of governor action is shown in table 5 - 1.
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