Noise of the diesel generator test method for classification and recognition

by:Jet Power     2020-12-02
1. Noise generator classification of noise generator can be divided into two categories, one is fluid vibration noise; Another kind is solid vibration noise. ( 1) Motor fluid vibration noise: fluid vibration noise of the machine is mainly refers to the aerodynamic noise, the vast majority of motor with air as medium using ventilation cooling, only a handful of large motor adopts water cooling. So, the vast majority of speed above 1200 r/min, the rotor motor is larger than 250 mm in diameter, the cooling fan to produce occupies a considerable proportion of the aerodynamic noise, often called the fan noise. For the larger motor, though there is no cooling fan, also because the diameter of the rotator is very big and aerodynamic noise, collectively known as the aerodynamic noise. ( 2) Motor solid vibration noise: the noise caused by solid vibration is a wide variety of in the motor. Generally includes rotator dynamic unbalance vibration caused by noise; Bearing noise; Electromagnetic vibration caused by noise; Commutator noise; Parts ( Such as chassis, end cover, fan, etc. ) Due to other vibration source excitation vibration noise and the noise of the gear and other accessories, etc. , have different reflection in different motor, control measures also should be treated differently. 3 A and IEC34 A 9, 1988 motor in single no-load steady state line, A weighting sound power level of the noise limit according to the provisions of the generator noise limit. 3. Generator noise test method for classification 1) Generator no-load noise test methods according to the acoustic environment type and classification precision. 2) Kind of freedom and free field test method is that the TV load noise test are rigid mounting, installation quality sometimes has a great influence on the test results. Generator set noise source identification of the noise of the commonly used identification method with measuring point position, separation of components, sound intensity analysis, modal analysis, spectrum analysis. ( 1) Measuring point location method, according to the measuring point judgment of sound pressure level differences between the main sound source position and the reasons. Variable parameters by changing the motor related parameters, such as voltage, current, frequency, etc. To determine the influencing factors of noise. ( 2) Separating element method, the use of change or replace certain elements and structure to understand relevant noise factors. ( 3) Sound intensity method, strong directivity of sound intensity testing is easy to determine the main parts of the noise. Is the simplest and most intuitive method of a sound source identification. ( 4) Modal analysis, test modal analysis technology is used to identify the noise source. ( 5) Spectrum analysis method, according to the analysis of noise and vibration frequency spectrum component of the unit, to determine the cause of the noise or vibration. The most commonly used, this method is more convenient and accurate.
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