New or repair of diesel engine before starting of work - — Starting for the first time

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
1. Refueling system 1) To the fuel filter in the filling clean 2 diesel, diesel specification should comply with the standards. 2) Remove fuel pump suction tubing, with a clean lubricating oil pump gear. 3) Check and refill the fuel tank. 4) If in some maintenance work affect the injector, valve or other parts of the adjustment, must check whether these parts before starting diesel appropriate adjustment. 2. Note: filling lubricating system for diesel engine with a turbocharger, away from the turbocharger oil inlet pipe, 50 ~ 60 ml clean lubricating oil lubricated bearing, put back to the oil pipeline. 1) Into the crankcase oil filling to low oil scale ( L) Tag. 2) Remove 6 bt type diesel engine oil cross path of the oil plug, from V diesel engine oil filter shell head off plug. For KTTA type diesel engine, unload oil cooler shell in the front of the screw. Note: do not from bypass filter to the lubrication system of diesel generators for filling. 3) Manual or electric injection pump tubing from clean lubricating oil source is connected to the plug on the shell convex platform. 4) Start the pump until the minimum oil pressure of 207 kpa. 5) Turn the diesel engine at least 15 s ( Turns the fuel shut off valve closed, or remove the fuel pipe to avoid starting) In the meantime keep the lowest foreign oil pressure is 103 kpa. 6) Remove the foreign oil tube and screw back. Note: when the crankcase oil or gas, if there is oil spill, shall be clean. 7) To refill the oil in the crankcase oil feet high ( H) Tag. For new or new diesel generators overhaul, don't change the type of oil and viscosity. On the diesel engine oil feet with high ( H) The mark and low ( L) Marked to indicate amount of engine oil in the crankcase. Activate the diesel oil must use original oil feet. oil pan according to different types of installation and different oil pan part Numbers and have different capacity. 3. Check hydraulic governor many used in stationary power unit of the fuel pump of diesel generators is equipped with hydraulic drive, and it used lubricating oil as an energy medium, the same specifications and lubricating oil used in diesel engine. Governor oil if the oil from the reservoir must be added to foot the full mark. 4. Check the air pipe joint inspection to air compressors and air equipment ( If use) As well as to the air cleaner and air line pipe, all of the pipe joint must be tightened. 5. Check the engine cooling fluid volume 1) Remove the radiator cover or heat exchangers. Check the diesel engine cooling fluid volume. If need to add. 2) Examine coolant leakage was shut off valve and open the coolant filter
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