Maintenance of valve train set of parts

by:Jet Power     2020-11-28
Valve drive group parts are all moving parts, and even in the normal operation of the various parts to produce wear, CAM shaft support main shaft neck. CAM, wear of the lining sleeve for the CAM roller with movable arm, bushing, the wear and tear of roller pin, rocker arm bushing t pressure plate wear, etc. 1. The camshaft 1) Check the CAM profile and the axis of the camshaft for cracks, scratches or other forms of damage, as shown in figure 3 49. 2) To check whether there is crack, the camshaft gear tooth or tooth surface and the fracture pits, as shown in figure 3 - 50 shows, if the parts damaged must be replaced. 3) Check the camshaft end gap, should be zero. 15 ~ 0. 33mm。 If is beyond the scope of regulation, you should remove the gear change the gasket. The thickness of the thrust washer for the 9. 14 ~ 9. 45mm。 4) The camshaft is measured with a micrometer. 6 bt type diesel engine camshaft strength of 50. 70mm; KTTA journal of 63 type diesel engine camshaft. 37 mm, if less than this value, the camshaft should be replaced. 5) With magnetic testing method to check whether the CAM surface crack, scratch etc. Has the following situation, camshaft cannot use: (1) has a crack in the entire circumference direction. (2) in FIG. 3 51 is shown in black or shadow area is crack or damage. (3) there are more than 6 mm crack length. (4) there are 5 mm edge distance into the crack or damage. (5) on a CAM type with more than two more crack or damage. Main: camshaft after magnetic inspection, must be completely demagnetization, eliminate the magnetic, and thoroughly clean before use. 2. 1) remove the CAM follower Since moving a detached shaft cover lock screw. 2) Cold cover follower just remove the cover on both ends. With pointed at a hole in the middle of the stuffy plug, and then to restart one side of the stuffy plug to loosen it. Remove the cover with forceps cold. With the axial compression of follower shaft dedicated heart another stuffy plug. 3) Remove follower cover only follower, and well marked on the follower, indicating its assembly location, as shown in figure 3 - 52. 3. The CAM follower check 1) Driven shaft diameter is measured with micrometer, 6 bt type diesel engine driven shaft from outer diameter value shall be the 19th. 012-19. 02mm。 If the slave arm shaft damage or outside diameter less than 19. 00 mm, should be replaced. 2) Check whether there is any scratch on the slave arm bushings, pitting or scratches. With inside diameter micrometer check bushing inside diameter. 6 bt type diesel engine, the value shall be the 19th. 053-19. 078mm。 If more than 19. 10 mm, should be replaced.
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