KTTA type diesel engine drive device maintenance

by:Jet Power     2020-12-11
A transmission device KTTA diesel engine accessories, attachment of the power from the crankshaft. In front of the crankshaft front-end is equipped with gear room. Relations between the gear transmission of gear before indoor - as shown in figure 8 3. 1. Pump drives the pump drives the hole will be lost to pump power. Water pump drive and diesel engine and diesel engine connection as shown in figure 8 4. Water pump drive assembly on the right side of the street, chaoyang, in first gear room. Connected to it by spline and the water pump, water pump drive shaft end has a belt wheel powered engine. Lower part of some diesel generators equipped with a hydraulic pump, water pump for hydraulic pump drive installation, when not install hydraulic pump closed with the cover board. Water pump drive - as shown in figure 8 5. Before, in the front of the pump drive shaft, gear chamber cover with a bushing. After the drive shaft end, pump drive a support with two liner. Through driver support in the oil to the bushing for lubricating oil. Into the sleeve part of the lubricating oil by means of the lubrication hole spline shaft coupling. Splines on the shaft end must have holes blocked, to prevent excessive oil from entering the spline coupling. Oil passage must have a belt of zhang plug holes. To prevent excessive oil into the water pump bearing. Expansion plug in the pump drive a water pump. 2. The fuel pump and air compressor driven device on diesel fuel pump/compressor on the left side of the installation. Power through the idler via hole transmission. Fuel pump/compressor drive the connection as shown in figure 8 - air compressor 6. Fuel pump/compressor drive, can be with and without two type air compressor. Without air compressor shell no air compressor oil return hole. Fuel pump drive belt claw type coupling; Air compressor driven with spline coupling. Air compressor driven splined hub on the bolt is a special set of, bolt drill a hole, to the spline coupling for lubricating oil. Fuel pump driven claw type coupling bolts on the hub without holes. Fuel pump/compressor drive - as shown in figure 8 7. On the drive gear assembly tag, the tag does not have to tag on and left the camshaft intermediate gear is. K19 diesel engine valve in auxiliary drive pulley and the adjustment of the fuel injector. Drive gear is installed on the shaft, it is necessary to make mark front wheel shaft at one end, to get the correct bearing end gap.
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