Keep the speed of the diesel generator is reasonable and can prolong the service life

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
The studio a cycle of a diesel generator set, so while she was working in a continuous cycle need a unit to describe the number of indicators to do work. Generally we use every minute of crankshaft laps, referred to as the rotational speed. So where is the specific meaning? Power equipment simple introduction of the running speed of the diesel generator set. The speed of the diesel generator set we generally expressed in RPM, namely r/min. , of course, the use of different places, the required speed is not the same. Fixed equipment such as diesel generator set, water pump units, diesel generators rotating speed is constant speed commonly used, such as dynamic sales of 50 hz diesel generating sets the speed of 1500 r/min. Marine diesel generators speed is low, if the speed is higher than 1000 r/min can be called high speed diesel engine. And some large ship diesel engine may have only more than 100 rotations per minute (RPM). So for diesel generator set, is also important to maintain a reasonable speed, it can effectively reduce the wear and extend the service life of generator set. This is the speed of the diesel generating set is introduced, if have any questions about diesel generator set, please call our power diesel generator set manufacturer.
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