In which case an alternating current frequency emitted from diesel generator is stable

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Diesel generating set is a diesel generator of a complete set of equipment, including control panel, monitoring indicating instrument, relay protection devices, such as diesel generator cooling radiator, daily fuel tank and hang car trunk or trunk of a whole, a small mobile power station, so also called auto power station or trailer. Car type and trailer type diesel generating sets are no big difference essentially, only operating in a different way, car power plant can run in the car compartment starting diesel generator set; While the trailer power station need to stop, open the trailer insulation cover to start running diesel generating sets. Mobile power station has the advantage of simple structure, mobile haulage and convenient usage and maintenance, cross-country performance is strong, high maneuverability. The place that is suitable for the need of mobile power, can be used as a field, engineering construction, geological prospecting, forest, oil field development, national defense military work power equipment such as power, lighting and communication, also can be used as standby emergency power supply equipment. Mobile power station of diesel generator set generally belongs to the high speed ( 1500 r / min) Unit, usually adopts the storage battery electric starter. Due to the load transportation volume and weight of the trailer and car is limited, so the two types domestic generator sets of large capacity, currently only 200 kw. According to the principle of a magnetic electric interconvert, magnetic power, namely the wire cutting lines of magnetic force in magnetic field movement would produce inductive electromotive force. Produce inductive electromotive force of the basic elements are: one is the presence of magnetic field; Conductor and magnetic field have relatively vertical movement, namely the cutting lines. Electric magnetic refers to the current flows through a wire. In a magnetic field around a conductor, when an electric current passes through the spiral winding on both ends of winding magnetic field, polarity conforms to the right-hand rule. Poles three-phase ac synchronous generator, its difference in spatial distribution of the stator three phase winding & 120 deg; 。 When the rotor winding zhongtong into direct current (dc), the rotor to form a constant magnetic field. When the rotor rotates, cutting lines, three-phase winding induction of ac electromotive force due to the number of turns of the three-phase winding is equal, and 120 & deg in staggered space position; , so the three-phase electric electromotive force of equal size and phase difference each 120 & deg; Electromotive force, forming a three phase symmetry. Because the distribution of magnetic flux on the pole according to the sine law of change, so the output of each phase electromotive force is also according to the sine law of change. Logarithmic in the factory because of the generator poles are fixed, so the generator power generation rate depends on the speed of the generator, only the engine running under a constant rated speed, the generator of alternating current frequency is stable.
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