Implications of the diesel generator set models

by:Jet Power     2020-12-02
1. GB725 - domestic diesel engine model according to the national standards 82 the provisions of the internal combustion engine model composed of four content. The cylinder number, stroke type, cylinder arrangement, cylinder diameter structure features and USES symbols; After modification on the structure and properties changes to distinguish the symbol. GB726 - domestic internal combustion engine cylinder number according to the national standards 65 compiled: 1) Internal combustion engine cylinder number, use the continuous sequence number; ( 2) Vertical type internal combustion engine cylinder number starts for the first cylinder crankshaft free-end, Ordinal Numbers to the power output end; ( 3) V type internal combustion engine around two columns, or so the column is identified by the power output end position, cylinder Numbers from the right column free for the first cylinder, end power output in turn number, right column after the row, and from the left column free end continuous row cylinder number to the left. At present domestic some diesel generators cylinder number method does not quite agree with the national standard. Some foreign imports of diesel engine cylinder Numbers also not uniform. In actual work, the regulations of the product specification shall prevail. Below illustrates the meaning of the domestic diesel engine model: the machine full name: 12, v-shaped arrangement, four stroke, cylinder diameter 135 mm, water-cooled diesel generators. 2. Imported diesel engine model meaning and technical performance ( 1) NT series diesel generators model meaning and technical performance (1) the model is a 855 - meaning NTA C360 type diesel engine, which is by the United States ( 康明斯) Engine company and chongqing automobile engine factory joint production, mainly used for generating set. N how power output of 235 ~ 475 HP; K how power output of 450 ~ 1800 HP. The engine is: 6 cylinder, four stroke, pressurization, high-speed, water-cooled diesel engine. (2) technical performance data ( 2) D399 type diesel engine D399 type diesel engine is the caterpillar ( Catarpillar) Design and manufacture of tractor company, its diameter cylinder piston stroke is 158 x. 75毫米× 203. 2 mm, its model meaning: (1) from the left the first English letter D or G, said engine types: D— On behalf of the diesel engine; G— On behalf of the natural gas engine. (2) sitting up the first number & other; 3' For the engine series number, called & other; 300' Type (second from left, three digital itself has no meaning, only to distinguish the number of the engine cylinder, which is 99 & ndash; On behalf of the cylinder; 98 - On behalf of 12 cylinder; 79 - On behalf of the eight cylinder (4) English letters & Numbers behind other TA” Or & other NA” , said the engine air way, i. e. , & other; TA” — Exhaust gas turbo; “ NA” — Natural gas. ( 3) MB - Bb type diesel engine MB - 820 820 bb type diesel engine is made in German Benz company, it is 12 V type cylinder and the cylinder diameter is 175 mm exhaust turbocharged diesel engine, the output power rating of 654. 4kW( 890PS) 。
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