How to solve the diesel generator can't normal boot failure

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
Diesel generator at room temperature, the general should be internal energy starts in a few seconds, sometimes need to repeatedly for 1 ~ 2 times to start is normal. If after 3 ~ 4 times repeatedly, diesel still cannot catch fire, shall be deemed to be start-up failure, need to find out the reason, after waiting for troubleshooting, start again. A, diesel generator set start difficult or start time is too long can cause reasons: reason: processing method: 1, the battery capacity is less than 1, check the battery charge. 2, the battery lines and plug is loose. 2, check and tighten the battery lines and plug. 3, intermediate relay failure. 3, check whether the intermediate relay action is normal. 4, starter malfunction. 4, maintenance starter. 5, fuel supply system drainage not free; No oil. 5, all the air in the fuel oil system, dredge pipe make fuel flow oil pump repair, at the beginning of clean fuel filter. 6, start button, the circuit poor contact. 6, replace button, check the circuit. 2, engine rotational difficult reason: processing method: 1, the fuel injection nozzle without oil jet ( Oil supply not free) 。 1, check the oil between the presence of air leakage from the tank to the fuel pumps, jam. 2, the fuel system into the air. 2, open the vent screw inspection of oil. 3, fuel injection pump fuel injection time is not accurate or the fuel injection pump failure. 3, reset time of fuel injection pump. 4, governor operating handle position is not right. 4, startup, puts governor handle light position. 5, electric palette, actuators, such as speed sensor circuit fault. 5, check the equipment and the corresponding circuit respectively. After three, start, stop, easy to fire reason: processing method: 1, the oil and filter plugging, oil transfer pump failure. 1, check the oil flow condition, if necessary, replace the diesel filter. 2, air filter clogging. 2, check the air filter. 3, fuel injection nozzle failure. 3, replace the oil nozzle. 4, automatic protection function setting parameter deviation. 4, reset the parameters. 5, automated unit dc interruption. 5, check the battery voltage or power is enough. 6, electric palette, actuators, such as speed sensor circuit fault.
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