How to identify the generator mechanical failure

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Generator is usually a few glitches can be found through regular self-inspection and daily keep repairing, previous study also summarizes many tips to diesel generating sets fault inspection, for the convenience of the users, the diesel generator set here will be shifting method is introduced this little trick. If there is a fault of internal combustion engine, the rise and fall of internal combustion engine speed, fault phenomenon may change. At the time of observation fault phenomenon, should choose appropriate speed, it is more serious breakdown phenomenon. Because, in general, we adopt a low speed, the internal combustion engine speed is low. Long time fault phenomena, convenient for observation. Such as: the valve-train tu C machine due to excessive valve clearance & other; Throughout the dalai dalai dalai &; Tapping, in this way can be quickly ruled out. Take the lot of specific measures. Such as the oil for diesel generators fuel supply system or the circuit malfunction of electric equipment, can press section, section by check, so that the fault isolation in the range as small as possible. Check should first check the most prone to failure when the components and their corresponding parts, and then check the other parts. Fault location is determined, should the particular case according to the fault, correct carefully be completely ruled out. Troubleshooting should be done after commissioning, control inspections on diesel generators working condition, to determine whether a completely ruled out.
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