How to find generator fault from exhaust abnormal smoked

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Generating set when use prone to failure, in fact we are in use, by looking at the color of the smoke can know what the weichai power generation unit appeared fault. Let us have an idea of how the generator set to judge fault smoke color. 1. Smoke that is characteristic of diesel engine fuel injection too failed to complete combustion. At this point in the exhaust from a large number of granular solid, sometimes with Mars, and along with the exhaust temperature rises. 2. White smoke that is characteristic of diesel engine exhaust gas water or oil steam. The exhaust from diesel generators with a white mist, and accompanied by a diesel engine power and speed instability. 3. Blue smoke it is burning oil characteristics. The diesel generators exhaust from a blue mist. Accompanied by the cloud of smoke and yuchai diesel generator engine oil consumption increase.
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