How to carry out maintenance and maintenance of the diesel generator winding

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
Diesel generator set maintenance and troubleshooting of normal play units play an important role in performance. Regularly check the winding condition ( Especially when the generator is not used for a long time) The most common work content, and the bearing situation for below for details. If the generator is equipped with air filter, do regular inspection and maintenance requirements for air filter. Winding condition: before maintenance or maintenance to ensure that the engine has broken, need to disconnect the condensate heater power at the same time. The generator in the insulation resistance of 1. 0 mΩ When, can reliable operation. ( The author's personal experience data for the minimum insulation resistance value should be zero. 5 mΩ Above) 。 If generator is lower than the insulation resistance value, must go through the following methods of drying process. Winding condition assessment and measurement in the first place. Winding state can alternate with and through testing to assess the insulation resistance between the relatively, still should detect winding insulation resistance value. When the winding is too wet or dirty and estimate the low insulation resistance, led quantity should be extra careful. Should use the low voltage ( 500V) The initial testing for insulation resistance by megger are. If use manual operation, should start slowly turn the megohmmeter handle so that all the test voltage on the winding, duration should be sufficient to judge winding insulation condition. Full voltage by megger test or other forms of high pressure test should be in the winding dry or cleaning ( If necessary) After. Insulation test should be all electronic parts, such as AVR, electronic protection devices, such as connection disconnected, such as with winding temperature probe ( R。 T. D。 ) Should be grounded, and the rotating rectifier diode short circuit of the device. Note, there are any parts in the system can lead to incorrect readings, or may be tested to the damage of high voltage.
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