How to better heat dissipation for diesel generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
Gradually after the spring to summer, environmental temperatures for diesel generating set after cooling adds some difficulties. So temperatures we should to improve diesel generating set which the cooling conditions? Generator manufacturers to look for the method. 1, if the generator-set.html' target='_blank'>diesel generator set power is bigger, the unit's load is bigger also, normally use frequency is frequent, so suggest users to install cooling pool for cooling as much as possible; 2, ensure the diesel generator room room air flow, install exhaust fan; 3, unit to increase air cooling effect, by adding the fan to the diesel generator set. 4, check the diesel generator set for itself the problems caused by excessive heat, if you have to load it again after maintenance operation; 5, try to control the diesel generator set don't overload operation, the overload operation will increase the unit heat; 6, check whether the diesel generating set's own cooling system is normal, such as the cooling water was clear, whether fin heat dissipation is obstructed, etc. Under normal circumstances, diesel generator manufacturer own designed cooling system is completely can meet their heat dissipation. Try to find out the cause of the heat is too large, so that will better protect diesel generating set.
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