How much capacity in kW above advice to choose two diesel generator in parallel to the power supply

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Capacity of multimachine parallel operation: when less than 800 kw generator capacity, can choose a single machine; When the capacity is more than 800 kw, should select two or more. From reliability considering generator can also choose two sets of parallel power supply, emergency generator sets for should not be commonly more than 3 units. Due to the current domestic 0. 4 kv low-voltage distribution cabinet is no more than 6300 a lab report, parallel operation of generator, the total capacity of not more than 3200 kw ( 0. 4kV) 。 If need more large capacity of diesel generator set, recommended 100 kw generator set. Elected by more than one unit, the unit should be chosen model, the same physical parameters, such as capacity, voltage regulator, speed characteristics, complete sets of equipment of similar to the unit parallel operation; , the consistent operation of the fuel properties should be used for the maintenance and sharing of spare parts. When two emergency generating sets, since starting device should make can be as spare for two units, namely the mains power failure outage after delay confirmation, since the starting order, if the first units for three times since the start failure, should send out alarm signals and automatic starting second diesel generator. Use 24 v battery as a general starting power supply. Generator temperature, insulation class, and the rated load capacity: generator set power rating on different generator temperature rise and insulation level, its rated load capacity will also change. Temperature rise is defined as the winding temperature is higher than the environment temperature extremum. 一个。 Insulation level and the rated load capacity: H: 155 ℃ spare; F: 105 ℃ standby; B: 80 ℃. The maximum winding temperature: F: 105 ℃ = based on environment temperature 40 ℃, allows the temperature of 105 ℃; B: 80 ℃ = based on environment temperature 40 ℃, allows the temperature of 80 ℃; High ambient temperatures, generator rated power attenuation; The traditional insulation class is H. Generator and excitation mode choice: self-excited synchronous alternator from generator armature winding to the automatic voltage regulator ( AVR) At the same time provides the power source and signal source; And permanent magnet simulative synchronous alternator, automatic voltage regulator ( AVR) Deputy excitation power source from mechanical armature winding is made; Controlled by the generator armature winding currents, by rotating rectifier excitation electrical armature windings, and field winding, to keep the generator output voltage stability. AVR self-excited synchronous ac generator power output to the influence of the armature winding voltage waveform, and load properties, especially in nonlinear load on the armature voltage waveforms are the obvious effects of red team; Permanent magnet synchronous simulative alternator AVR power source from the permanent magnet excitation armature winding, has nothing to do with the generator armature winding voltage waveform distortion. So if the main room of the UPS power supply for the data of diesel generator set should first choose permanent magnet excitation type simulative synchronous alternator.
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