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by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
In China, diesel generating set is generally with the main power to identify; In the international, the generalization of alternative power ( Maximum power) Identity; The domestic market has some confusing manufacturers use maximum power as a continuous power, introduction and sales units, therefore, many users of these two concepts cannot distinguish clearly. In China, the main use power is nominal diesel generating set. The continuous power of the generator set refers to within 24 hours of continuous use of the most high power; Maximum power standard is: a certain period of time, every 12 hours with 1 hour can overload on the basis of continuous power 10%, unit power is the most powerful at this time, namely, the standby power. Some diesel generator set model meaning and above model meaning is different, especially the import or joint venture production of the unit is determined by unit production enterprises themselves. For example will letter diesel generating set in front of the unit model with letters & other; p” , it is Perkins ( 'Jones) Behind the abbreviation of unit type belt & other; E” And without & other; E” , belt & other; E” Unit for standby power, without & other; E” Units for commonly used power; On behalf of the unit capacity (the number in the unit type kV· A) 。 Such as P900E type will mail the basic meaning of diesel generator set for: engine USES 'Jones diesel engine, standby power unit of 900 kv & middot; A( 720千瓦) 。 If unit assembly manual control panel, the unit can only work in manual mode. If the unit assembly any automatic control panel, the unit can choose to work in manual or automatic mode. For example, if you buy is main unit with 400 kw, so you have one hour within 12 hours can run up to 440 kw, if you buy the spare 400 kw unit, if you don't overload is normally open in 400 kw, in fact, the unit has been in the state of overload ( Because the unit actual rated power is 360 kw) , this is very bad for unit, will shorten the life of the unit and cause high failure rate. Emergency standby power refers to the operation conditions and the agreed method stipulated in the manufacturer maintenance interval and implement maintenance, when the public power grid failure or under test conditions, generator set runs every year 200 h a maximum power of variable power series. Within 24 h operation cycle allows the average output power ( Ppp) Should be not more than 70% of the ESP, unless the reciprocating internal combustion engine ( 里克) The manufacturer otherwise stipulated. 1) Apparent power units for KVA, habit for expressing transformer and the capacity of UPS in our country. 2) Active power to apparent power of 0. Eight times, the unit is KW, used for power generation equipment and electric equipment in our country. 3) Diesel generator set power rating, refers to the power of 12 hours can run continuously. 4) Maximum power is the power rating of 1. 1 times, but only allow use 12 hours for 1 hour. 5) Economic power is the power rating of zero. 5 to 0. 75 times, diesel generating set is not restricted by time can be long running power output. In the operation of the power, fuel the most provinces, low failure rate.
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