Good generator set maintenance can guarantee reliable operation

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
Good maintenance to ensure its reliable operation. Under normal use and maintenance shall be in accordance with the provisions, daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance requirements. Unit through the rules maintenance, timely find whether there is abnormal sound, movement, an abnormal appearance, an abnormal temperature, pressure and fault phenomenon such as abnormal smell, so as to timely inspection on the unit and adjustment, and targeted to solve, to ensure the unit running in the best state. In the maintenance requirements, it is important to pay special attention to the inspection and maintenance of the following three aspects: ( 1) Lubrication system inspection and maintenance. This unit because of moving parts, moving parts working conditions, mostly in high temperature, high impact load condition, need more lubrication, the lubrication system reliability is more demanding, so pay attention to check the oil system of mild conditions of oil, oil level, oil hydraulic conditions, pay attention to the centrifugal filter and oil filter cleaning, avoid caused by poor lubrication unit parts wear, shorten the service life of the unit components, increase maintenance workload; ( 2) The inspection and maintenance of air filters. Air filter if work well, will effectively avoid supercharging pressure drop caused by large air intake resistance is too large, leading to the turbocharger oil spill occurs; Also can avoid caused by reduced flow turbocharger compressor surge phenomenon. So regular cleaning air filter, if necessary, replace the new filter. Paper filter can be removed in moist areas. ( 3) Check and adjust relevant clearance and angles. Mainly is the spark plug gap, valve clearance and valve timing of inspection and adjustment.
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