Generator to rent the shock absorber are divided into rubber components damper and viscous damper

by:Jet Power     2020-12-09
So the diesel engine must be torsional vibration damper. Shock absorber has two forms: rubber components damper and viscous damper. KTTA type diesel engine using viscosity with viscous damping shock absorber, the service life of the viscous damping vibration is limited, work must be replaced after 24000 h. Repair of shock absorber is not economic, general field to be replaced. Install the shock absorber on KTTA diesel generators can use two methods. Early diesel engine, which is mounted on the crankshaft pulley bolt fix between crankshaft pulley and crankshaft damper; Now the diesel engine, shock absorber is according to on a flange, the flange and the crank press fit, loaded on the crankshaft pulley bolt through the flange. In KTTA type diesel engine on the shock absorber is necessary to adjust the valve and injector of mark. Assembly time can't dislocation. So have to pin or ring on the crankshaft positioning pin, must use it to on the hole and shock absorber, as shown in figure 2 As shown in 69. Some 6 bt type diesel engine is equipped with two shock absorber is shock absorber. When assembling the first shock absorber 2 must joint and crankshaft is, as shown in figure 2 Shown in 70, otherwise on the shock absorber valve and fuel injector adjusting tag will be misplaced. vibration absorber is different, so playing on their outer diameter of the valve and fuel injector adjusting tag is not the same, when installation should pay attention to check. New type of diesel engine with two shock absorber, the second shock absorber is in accordance with the flange on the crankshaft pulley. Qualification improvement program changes the length of the crank pulley, also changes the position of driving belt pulley groove, fan drive system in the other parts are also improved, and left to make the pulley groove to is. When installation must ensure that in front of the diesel engine can other pulley and crankshaft pulley in a plane, so must correctly choose parts to install the pulley.
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