Generator system operation and operation features

by:Jet Power     2020-12-09
1. Automatic operation ( 1) In the main power supply failure, within specified low-voltage distribution panel by automatic switching system & other; Normal & throughout; Before the circuit breaker with 0 ~ 5 s adjustable time delay of the voltage relay action signal incentive engine startup system. ( 2) After the beginning of the received signal, the engine must be started the program. ( 3) Generator must be within 12 s to reach the rated speed and ready to pick up the full load. ( 4) Such as generator cannot start after 15 s, start the program must be made within 5 s after the 5 s and then start the twice. Such as generator still cannot start, then start the program shall be atresia, and send out sound and light signals, the engine must be in the blocking state until reset manually. ( 5) During startup, if the main power to restore power will not make the launcher suspended, but don't have to load conversion. After the main power supply failure and has been running a generator, 0. After the time delay of 5 ~ 1 s, should the conversion of load. ( 6) At this point, according to the requirements of design drawings in the low voltage distribution panel load bus section on an important issue in the specified feed out of the loop, must by the respective low voltage relay tripping. ( 7) When the generator set to the rated frequency and voltage signal must make & other; Normal & throughout; Circuit breakers to disconnect and make & other; Backup & throughout; Circuit breaker closed. When important load bus section of low voltage distribution panel is charged, the above were broken by low voltage relay feedback out of the loop is to be prepared in accordance with the scheduled program icon automatically closed to the bus, in order to avoid the generator overload. ( 8) When normal power supply complete recovery, transformation of load and generator outage, must can be chosen by selector switch on the control panel manual or automatic operation. Under the instruction of inspire, load the conversion shall be executed immediately. Generator no-load 0 ~ 15 s adjustable to transient cooling and then stop. 2. Manual operation, 1) Control panel shall be device & other; Automatic & ndash; Throughout the manual &; Rotary control switch. If choose & other; Automatic & throughout; Position the whole system can run as described above, and can keep the system automatically state until into manual control. ( 2) Control switch on the control panel, generator set can start manually. Once up and running normally, generator available manual pick up important loads. ( 3) During the whole manual start, as long as the main power supply is reliable, still must not translate all load to the generator. But when press & other; Manual switch load & throughout; Button signal must make & other; Normal & throughout; Circuit breakers to disconnect, & other; Backup & throughout; Power supply circuit breaker closed, can such as automatic operation, the load conversion. Will & other; Manual switch load & throughout; Reset button, the load must be back by the main power supply.
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