Generator speed control aspects of the fault

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
during operation, the speed or speed is not stable, unstable idle speed turning velocity is less than or speed. Speed refers to the diesel engine rotating speed out of control and highest use of that speed is greatly in excess of the prescribed speed. This kind of failure will have a major accident, bring great harm diesel engine. Modern diesel generating sets are usually equipped with speed automatic protection, once appear, coasters, will automatically be protected. But, for no speed protection device of diesel engine, once appear, coasters, due to serious speeding can connecting rod bolt fracture, and cylinder head, body, piston and so on, and the balance of the crankshaft block and governor fly hammer was cast off, broken flywheel, valve spring break big accident, the threat to personal safety. Judge speed fault is mainly according to the change of the diesel engine noise, due to the speed rise rapidly, therefore, the exhaust noise into a screaming voice. Once you hear that sound, decisive and effective measures must be taken now, avoid to cause big loss. The speed of emergency management, is to try to stop quickly, its method: ( 1) Quickly cut off oil will throttle rapidly to the stop position, turn off the oil circuit switch. But due to the speed of most causes is the accelerator of pump plunger is out of control, therefore, even if the throttle pulled into the parking space, in the low-pressure oil remains diesel still cannot make engine stops soon, at this time should also be unscrewed the high-pressure tubing coupling nut and quickly make the fuel injector to immediately stop injection, most of the time can stop quickly. ( 2) Quickly cut off the air channel if you have explosion-proof device of diesel engine, air intake can be pass by quickly shut. Without this device available clothing to encase air filter oil machine or really block the air inlet. As long as the plug inlet channel, a Hu oil can make the machine stop quickly. Here should be pointed out that special produce speed after the accident, should never be allowed to be lifted load, or you will make the speed more vigilant play rise in greater danger. After parking, should careful analysis speed, malfunction in time, ensure the running safety. speed control failure, failure causes and elimination methods.
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