Generator electronic-controlled engine ECU no electricity

by:Jet Power     2020-12-09
Engine type: YC6J220 - 30. System: BOSCH high pressure common rail. Fault phenomenon: ECU is not electricity, but start the machine work, should be there is something wrong with the engine electronic control circuit. Fault diagnosis and maintenance steps are as follows. 1) will play to the key switch & other; ON” Position, the trouble light without the usual self-inspection. (2) measure the working voltage of temperature sensor is 0. (3) to measure the gas pedal 1, 2, signal voltage is 0. (4) to measure the vehicle connector on the main power to ground voltage is 24 v. 5. These phenomena to the ECU power supply of the main power supply circuit is normal, but some reason lead to the inside of the ECU relay doesn't work, and inside the ECU is through the ignition switch signal control relay. 6. The engine wiring harness terminals. All landowners according to the terminal connector wiring diagram, 42 on the engine wiring harness, pierced 140 # line ( Ignition switch line) , the measured voltage is 0. Was measured 130 # line ( Failure indicator low-end) Of the line voltage is 24 v, measuring about aims to determine whether the vehicle wiring harness swaps. Pet-name ruby beginning 42 connectors, pull found within the vehicle wiring harness terminal 42 harness all around swaps. Attending unplug ECU connectors 1 and found 159 into the connector, terminal near the line skin is burning, more serious is the terminal 159 have burn out within the connectors. ⑪ replacement have burn out pins, took the wrong route, start the engine, the results can start, ECU was not damaged, troubleshooting.
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