Generator delivery valve function and seal cone of the effects of wear and tear

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Diesel generator pattern with fuel injection pump cause problems for most, and the oil valve wear and tear, is one of the main reasons cause fuel injection pump operation bad. A, wood note generator delivery valve part 1, wood note generator with high pressure of the valve is to make plunger cavity injection tube each partition when not for injection, to prevent when the piston downward sucked back into the pump chamber high pressure oil pipe of fuel. 2, wood generator oil injection Kong system to maintain a certain amount of residual pressure in the high-pressure oil pipeline for the next injection, the fuel pressure in the high-pressure tubing can rise quickly. 3, diesel generators, the oil valve at the end of the fuel injection pump oil, can reduce oil pressure in a high-pressure tubing quickly, to ensure the oil cut-off flat and agile, eliminate the phenomenon of injector drip. Second, the wood is note generator delivery valve seal cone wear the adverse consequences. Diesel generator delivery valve seal cone of wear is because when the oil valve decompression effect, the high pressure oil in the oil valve spring and high pressure oil pipe residual stress, promote like seat seal cone valve core touch attack, together with the effect of impurities in diesel oil. Decompression wear band with a hole is mainly the effect of impurities in diesel oil. 1, lose diesel generator sealing, irregularly in the high pressure oil pipeline leak back, thus reduce the pressure in the high-pressure tubing and unsafe, reduce oil even no oil supply, make a cylinder or uneven work every cylinder itself, especially when low speed is more obvious. 2, make the injection time lag, because next time compared with the last injection, to have more time. Reason is to improve the diesel generator in the injection tube reduces the pressure, to improve to the injection pressure. The oil valve deputy cooperation space as long as 0, 0 to 009. 016 mm, is thinner than a human hair. Delivery valve is not normal wear and tear, is mainly because the water in the fuel oil and impurities in the valve guide cylinder and the reduced pressure within the band gap of the rusting of the valve core and valve seat and the score of. Therefore, to extend the using life of the valve, it is necessary to ensure that the fuel clean, no water, no impurity. Before refueling do well sedimentary filtering, as far as possible using the method of sealing gas. All oil and gas, containers and equipment are necessary for health. In about the role of generator delivery valve and seal cone wear consequences.
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