Generator after-sales service attention about its safe use

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Service center attention about its safe use, generator diesel generating set must be familiar with the unit structure, grasp the safety operating rules of operating personnel mount guard. New or just after overhaul of diesel generating sets according to rules after 60 hours of break-in, and make the necessary maintenance. For new or unused generator before put into normal operation for a long time, have to pass strict inspection, mainly check the winding insulation, connection situation, etc. , if there is any discrepancy, the necessary processing. Diesel generator set should be slowly increase after starting speed, confirmed by the inspection under the premise of all in good condition, can be carried out to the rated speed of no-load running at low speed. No-load running, check the oil pressure, have the same ring, excitation current, three-phase voltage change, etc. , if there is any abnormal situation & ndash; — It is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check. Find out, starting again. If everything is normal, can be put into normal operation. Operating personnel should closely monitor the change of instrument on the control panel, is in the permission scope, adjust accordingly. Operation, the operator should keep a safe distance from electric equipment, and good wear labor protection equipment. Pour brake operation should pay attention to the sequence, such as a power outage should first disconnect each branch switch, and then disconnect main switch, breaker for four pole double throw the switch position. Instead of sending, order. Normal downtime should be removing the part load, and then master switch and finally close the diesel generator set, not allowed to break the total switch, along with the diesel generator set off by a power outage. After downtime to make routine inspection unit, and record the running situation, Work diary) 。 One thousand people get an electric shock, should be quickly cut off the power switch, or with electrical appliances quickly disconnected or out of the power supply. And then to rescue, and ask a doctor to the rescue. Electrical equipment in case of floods in one thousand, the power supply will be immediately cut off, and report to local power substation, and then to put out the fire. Should be used for electrified equipment fire dry fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, etc. , not water.
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