For maintenance of generator is on a regular basis in order to ensure safe operation

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Many customers in the use of maintenance of diesel generator set, have a wrong understanding, think generators do not often use, may not necessarily need maintenance, only by much, time grew to need maintenance, actually this is a kind of cognition is wrong. Actually generating set no matter use, must be regularly maintenance, especially for the first time to maintain, because of the diesel generator set for the period of 60 hours before, after shooting the generating set in the lubricating oil contains a lot of scrap iron and slag quality, seriously polluted the lubricating oil. So the contaminated oil again on the generator lubrication will seriously damage the engine. Moreover, lubricating oil also has expiration, don't change oil once for a long time overdue instead, not only will not to lubricate the effect due to the overdue of lubricating oil becomes sticky jam oil duct damage the engine. And do not check for a long time to replace diesel generator, the a/( Air filter, fuel filter, oil filter) Not only affects the power of diesel generators, also due to filter clogging of the engine. Diesel generator normal maintenance is not only a simple replacement lubricating oil and filter, is more of a comprehensive system of generator check, remove the hidden trouble of the diesel generator set, make trouble in the bud. So regularly with cycle of diesel generator set maintenance to guarantee the normal service life of the generator set. Protect diesel generating set in good condition and safe operation, ensure that the mains power failure can be put into use in time, guarantee the normal power supply.
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