Emergency diesel generator set need to have what function

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Emergency diesel generator set play a special role in fire fighting, emergency diesel generator set should have since the launch of the function and fully automatic, so you can fast run after mains power outages, fire power safer and more reliable. Since the launch of diesel generator control should have fast and automatic input device. When the main power electricity power failure, since the launch of the emergency unit should be able to quickly to restore power supply, power level 1 load allowed time from dozens of - A few seconds, shall be determined according to the specific situation. After the important engineering major power outage, should first after 3 - 5 s confirmation of time, in order to avoid reclosing instantaneous voltage up to and reduce the city power grid investment of time or standby power supply automatically, and then send to start the emergency diesel generator set of instructions. From the instruction, the unit starting, acc to take the load over a period of time. Generally large and medium-sized diesel generators need prelubricated and the warming-up process, is the emergency loads of engine oil pressure, oil temperature, cooling water temperature conform to the regulations of the product technical conditions. Prelubricated and warm-up process in advance according to different situations. For example, large hotels have important foreign affairs activities, public buildings at night with a large mass rallies, hospital at the time of surgery are important. Some important plant or engineering emergency power station at ordinary times is to make the emergency diesel generator set in prelubricated and warm-up state, so that quick start at any time, try to shorten the power failure time. After the emergency unit put into operation, in order to reduce the sudden load machinery and electric shock, under the condition of meeting the power supply requirement, the emergency load according to the time interval grade increase. According to the national standard, automatic diesel generating sets since the launch of the allow loading, after the success for the rated power is not more than 250 kw, not less than 50% rated load; For the rated power is greater than 250 kw, according to the product technical conditions. If not strict with instantaneous voltage drop and the excessive process, generally unit impulse unit added or dump load should not be more than 70% of the rated capacity.
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