Electric power valve overhaul and assembly

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
1) remove the coil from the valve body shell, remove the coil, diesel oil separator, trampoline and valve plate. (2) after cleaning, carefully observe the valve and seat for wear and corrosion, when necessary, should be replaced; The seat should have a minimum width of 0. 38 mm seat surface. (3) with the ohmmeter check coil components, in accordance with the provisions of the coil resistance for inspection, if lower than the standard value should be replaced. (4) the assembly, the replacement of sealing o-ring; Insert the shaft body, until it reaches the hole; Valves in the valve body, the rubber side toward the body, the body o-ring with lubricating oil, and put it into the slot; Add spring concave on the valve, the valve in place; Diesel oil separator on the valve body, tighten the screws, fastening torque is 34. 3 ~ 39. 2 n· M, oil pump fuel is 2226 kpa pressure across the valve, the pressure, the valve should not leak, should check whether there is any gap on the body and the contact between valve and valve seat in presence of sag, check the flat rubber seal on the presence of uplift or other defects. 10) VS speed of oil pump cover to be removed. 1) speed of oil pump cover removal. 一个。 Strike remove the cover of the intermediate gear bushing component; Such as intermediate split up, usable and propane torch heating surface ( No acetylene, otherwise the cover will distort) Then rush out, pull out; Remove the retainer from the intermediate gear shaft, thrust pad and bushing, if greater than (bushing wear directly after Has the ultra) 12. 88 mm, should replace the bushing; Intermediate gear and governor bracket above normal gear meshing clearance to 0. 13 ~ 0. 23mm。 b。 Remove the fly with cable machine bracket, remove the locking nut and ball bearings. (2) VS governor sleeve replacement. VS governor sleeve replacement method and the standard governor sleeve replacement in the same way; Sleeve positioning pin should be higher than the standard operating shaft on one side of the pump body; On the sleeve & other; X” The mark is four hole sleeve, while playing with & other; W” The mark for the five hole sleeve. 11) PT ( G) V type of fuel pump assembly; According to each specific type of generator and adjust the technical data of the fuel pump used, assembled by dividing the reverse order.
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