Diesel generators to the important position and role of the electric control system in power plants

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
In power plants, diesel generator used for security accidents of standby power, auxiliary power interruption occurred in the operation of the unit ( Including backup auxiliary power source not successful) Can ensure the safety of the unit stop in an emergency. Security section of each feeder is important in plant load, the load is an important assurance for the safe operation of the unit ( Such as generator lubrication oil pump motor power supply) , therefore, the security guards are the only factory can't power electric supply section. Security section has three power supply design, diesel generator is one of the three power supply. Security simplified electrical system diagram, security operation mode is single busbar operation, three power switch are respectively 205 switch, switch and diesel generator 206 export 2 open the switch. Including 205, 206 switch is a factory with 380 v PC segment ( Operation mode is single bus section) A, B two paragraphs respectively led supplies power to the security section, 200 switch from diesel generators to provide power supply. To ensure that in the case of auxiliary power lose all issued motor can safe shutdown, security section of the bus can't power outages. When the 205 switch, switch power failure, 206 diesel generator must be able to quickly start and step up to 380 v, or 2 switch, to the security section of the power and load operation. Security into the line switch 205, 2 power transformer from the same factory, they are homologous. 2 switch power from the diesel generator, and the two different source switch. During normal operation, one of the two switches, two as spare switch, diesel generator and its long-term export 2 open switches in the hot standby state within two servants switch control circuit without detection circuit design at the same time, so any operation mode under the 200 switch can't with 205 or 206 switch them at the same time, otherwise will lead to not run in parallel with the power supply during this period, rather than the same period and will run on diesel generators and switchgear equipment and security of each important load cause serious adverse effects. In order to avoid the phenomenon of switching, security section of the power switch can be 205, and 206 auxiliary contacts to diesel generator start control circuit, in determining the two switches are disconnected before allowing to start the diesel generator. To test the usability of the diesel generator, need to start the test of diesel generators, regularly test project contains no-load test and load test. No-load test: start the diesel generator, diesel generator voltage to 380 v voltage, 200 switch, only let the diesel generator no-load operation, observe the diesel generators of the boot process is normal, rising voltage of the machine is normal and can reach the operating voltage. With load test is: the generator starts, automatic booster, 200 men of automatic close switch, by diesel generator with security load running, check the operation of the diesel generator and load security section is normal.
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