Diesel generators to the hardness of cylinder block varies according to the air inlet

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
Diesel generator set for gray cast iron cylinder block casting, the structure form for whole gantry, namely the crankcase and cylinder together as a whole. The crankcase is the foundation of the engine assembly parts, engine each moving part in the work to maintain a certain position. Inside the crankcase casting with five horizontal clapboard, in addition to the two main bearing hole before and after, five other bearing hole on the diaphragm plate. And to the right of the crankcase with camshaft bearing holes, in the top right crankcase piston spray nozzle hole is system. There are six in the upper portion of the cylinder block cylinder sleeve hole, the system has the of cylinder liner. There is reinforcing rib (between the cylinder sleeve hole The lower part of stiffener and the crankcase clapboard) into an organic whole repeatedly , strengthen the strength of the cylinder block structure. With a hole on the reinforcement between the cylinder sleeve hole are interlinked, cylinder body casting has lubricating oil ( The main oil passage) on the right side of the cylinder block , water jacket machine cooling water channel. A gear room, in the front of the cylinder block and a gear chamber seal, mounted behind back cover. The hardness of cylinder block varies according to the air inlet. Test bar for turbo engine, casting hardness is 207 ~ 285 HBW, naturally aspirated for 179 ~ 201 HBW. Turbo engine minimum tensile former 220 mpa diesel engine cylinder block hole has served thick flange dimensions of cylinder liner cylinder hole, with a cylinder hole ring gasket, called thick model the top wall of the cylinder body, as shown in figure 2 2. All 6 bt type diesel engine using this structure. Cylinder block system has the main bearing hole and camshaft hole, in order to install the water pump idler shaft, has installed pump idler shaft hole on the cylinder block. For bearing and cylinder cooling in the main oil way and waterways hole is drilled on cylinder body. In order to prevent leakage, in the certain place of the old cylinder block system with installation of pipe plug thread holes. And in different lubricating oil on the new cylinder block pipe is threaded hole, but with an expansion type rivet jams ( Modular plug) As shown in figure 2 3. This modular plug is a steel rod of plug and an aluminum bushing. Install to oil duct, the modular plug assembly tools with sufficient force to tighten screw plug, expand liner, thereby gaining a tight seal, however pole plug in a broken grooves.
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