Diesel generator: why do you want to stop

by:Jet Power     2020-12-03
Diesel generator: why do you want to stop, stop the engine to idle before or no-load running for a few minutes after the load operation and outage, let the engine idle speed or no-load running 3 to 5 minutes. In order to make the piston, cylinder head, bushings, bearings, and there is enough time for cooling of the turbocharger. This is very important. This is especially for turbocharged engine is more important. Of the turbocharger bearing and oil seal, all subject to the influence of the exhaust heat. The engine running, this heat by the circulation of the oil away, however, if the engine suddenly stop, supercharger temperature may rise 100 & deg; F ( 56° C] . The results of the overheating will make bearing killed or oil seal failure. intake system, clean air cleaner unobstructed, the turbocharger works well, inlet shape intact. Check the diesel engine fuel supply system, low and high pressure oil technology condition is normal, each cylinder injector injection pressure and atomization is in good condition, injection timing accuracy. Check each cylinder pressure to conform to the requirements. After overhaul intake system, found that the air intake rubber pipe shed some of the rubber, the rubber pieces like & other; Valve & throughout; As blocked the inlet. After falling off the rubber piece in the intake port, a residual part even on rubber hose, formed a similar & other; Valve & throughout; The same structure. When diesel generators speed is low, weak suction in the intake port, rubber piece blocked part of the airway, and when the diesel generators at high speed, strong suction, the & other; Valve & throughout; Be completely adsorbed on the pipe wall, inlet flow instead, so the diesel engine when running at low speed, exhaust smoke, and medium and high speed is normal power and exhaust. Second, don't make the engine too idle for a long time or no-load running idle for a long time or idle motion is unfavorable for the engine, because of the combustion chamber temperature is too low, making it impossible for the fuel combustion. This will cause carbon deposit, blocking the nozzle orifice and piston rings, and may make the valve sticking. If engine coolant temperature is too low, some not burning diesel will scour the cylinder wall and dilution in the crankcase oil, lubricating oil to all moving parts of the engine bad lubrication. Damage of turbine shaft seal ring wear. In addition, the air-fuel ratio is not appropriate, timing than diesel generators has a problem, by throttling, diesel engine exhaust other control system has a problem can lead to exhaust temperature is too high, so that the turbine side seal oil carbonization, local overheating and the turbine bearing seal and premature bearing failure. Third, if the engine does not use, you should stop turn the key switch to & other; Customs & throughout; ( 关闭) Position or press the stop button to turn off the engine to the engine with electric shut-off, by turning off the key switch, or by turning the manual shut-off can make the engine stopped completely extinguish. Key switch control of electric valve closure, as long as the shut off valve on the control knob is not locked in open position, turn off the key switch can always make the engine stop. Engine dead halt before can't use the key switch will shut off valve to open again. Note: when the engine stop never to open the key switch or control knob on the valve position or on the running position. High fuel tank will make the diesel into the cylinder, causing hydraulic lock.
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