Diesel generator when the water temperature is too high or too low will have what effect

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
At present, many with diesel generator pattern is not equipped with automatic couplers, cooling fan fan is operating mainly depends on the opening of the gas switch control fan clutch. In the operation of diesel engine water temperature should be controlled in 65 ~ 85 ℃. But, due to negligence, often make the water temperature in the operation of diesel generators in the low or high temperature state, namely below 50 ℃ or 100 ℃ or so, these two temperature state will cause damage to diesel generators, affect the performance of the diesel generator, damaged element, oil leakage, leakage phenomenon, serious water shortage even diesel engine damage, reduce the service life of the equipment, a serious threat to production. Used to promote the oil-water comprehensive control box for thermal element damage to the gas control valve is dirty, CARDS and other reasons can not use for a long time, have to dismantle. According to the above situation, this paper designed the fan operation of electronic automatic control device, effectively guaranteed the use safety and service life of equipment. Diesel generator fan control system adopts the high performance of PIC single chip microcomputer as control core, using the high accuracy and high stability of PT100 temperature sensor for temperature detection, single chip microcomputer to analysis of data collected by the temperature sensor, after processing by driving solenoid valve of diesel engine fan to start and stop the operation, so that the diesel engine water temperature is relatively constant, achieve the goal of protection. The device is easy to operate, intuitive display, has good stability, high reliability and anti-interference ability and other characteristics, is a kind of adaptive protection device of high workplace requirements. 1. 1 the main controller is the core of this device main controller is composed of high performance of PIC microcontroller, the carrier of controller for double printed circuit board ( PCB) , in the plate surface are painted protection, among various electronic components use silicon rubber filler plate, so that this controller has good stability and anti-interference ability; At the same time, make its have superior moisture, vibration proof, dustproof, corrosion resistance and anti aging performance, provides the guarantee for the long-term reliable operation of this system. 1. Temperature detecting unit 2 this system adopts the PT100 temperature sensor as temperature acquisition unit, it has good vibration resistance, good stability, high accuracy and the advantages of good resistance to high pressure. 1. 3 fan drive this system adopts the K23JD - 15 t solenoid valve to control the start and stop of diesel engine fan, the solenoid valve adopts the 24 v dc low voltage power supply, when the water temperature reaches the set value of the period of diesel engine, controller and driver, electromagnetic valve, open the gas circuit to starting diesel engine fan; On the contrary, when the water temperature is lower than the value of the lower limit of diesel engines, the controller was closed by a electromagnetic valve drive fan. 1. 4 optimization design with high design, the selected instrument has good vibration resistance, stability, and high and low temperature resistance, and good sealing performance, long service life. This device USES voltage 24 v dc power supply, can safeguard the personal safety of operators, temperature acquisition module and driver module USES the air fan plug connected with the controller, easy to move when disassembling. The whole system consists of control main board, power supply, circuit, keyboard and display, a temperature sensor and amplifier amplification modulation circuit composed of temperature measuring circuit, output signal control on-off solenoid valve, which control the start and stop of diesel generator fan.
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