Diesel generator structure and type of sound insulation cover is what

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
1) The structure of sound insulation cover in the structure of sound insulation cover, using overlapping material combination, the material in the interface can put part of the sound energy reflected back. In the process of reflection and reflective, consume a part of the energy of the noise, good sound insulation effect. So, for the same thickness of noise barriers, the overlapping of two or more than two kinds of materials for sound insulation effect is better than the effect of a single material. Sound insulation cover using multilayer structure, each layer thickness and material should choose different kinds of materials. Through the different thickness of the material, can use different frequency noise, in order to improve the sound insulation effect of sound insulation cover. 2) Sound insulation cover sound insulation cover types generally there are three types: namely, partial type, tunnel type and sealed.
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