Diesel generator speed is caused by how

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
Sudden failure is when the strength of the parts under external load. Parts to work in the initial stage, the strength change is small, when the intensity of external load suddenly more than parts, can produce sudden fault, the sudden fault is under external load accident peak by accident. Connecting rod bolt fracture, tappet loss such as diesel engine speed, etc. Diesel generator speeding, commonly known as & other; Speed & throughout; , is a kind of special fault of diesel engine. It not only causes serious damage, auto parts and could endanger personal safety. 1, fault phenomenon under normal operation, the diesel generator set sudden high engine speed, even more than rated speed spin more than losing control, and a huge roar, or blue smoke exhaust black smoke. Exhaust turbocharger in high-speed operation, the turbine shaft snap, lead to deformation of the impeller, sealing ring seal damage and a series of failures, and make the turbocharger oil leakage, leading to supply diesel engine exhaust gas turbocharger oil along with the air into the combustion chamber, combustion caused diesel engine & other; Speed & throughout; , the exhaust pipe of blue smoke. 2, fault causes diesel engine speed diesel generators is the root cause of loss of or changes the speed regulation characteristic. Fuel injection pump and governor of faults, such as binding or related components kuang, can make its excess oil and loss of normal speed regulation characteristic; And combustion chamber into additional diesel or oil will change speed regulation characteristic of diesel engine. Diesel engine rotating speed of the main causes of instability are: a. Oil supply toothed bar mobile block; b。 Governor leverage internal system connecting pin and pin hole, fly hammer components such as make free stroke increases due to wear loose kuang, decreased sensitivity adjustment; c。 Governor within all kinds of binding, governor spring break, improper adjustment or soften due to long-term use of fatigue; d。 Lubricating oil is insufficient, deterioration or too dirty, make speed component motion resistance increases and lower sensitivity. Fuel injection pump and governor fault ( 1) Maintenance assembly, fuel injection pump plunger, oil valve seat, bruised tightening torque ambassador plunger sleeve deformation, impurities into the vice clearance plunger and plunger sleeve positioning bolt on the gasket is too thin or too long so that when the top die plunger sleeve assembly, etc all can cause the fuel injection pump plunger hangs or be stuck in the largest oil position. ( 2) Fuel injection pump plunger oil amount adjustment ring gear set screw loosening the plunger out of control. Need to add lubricating oil pump pump body CAM chamber and governor should include standard oil, and often should check the oil level. New machine or new pump in the lubricating oil should be replaced after commissioning. When filling oil quantity wants moderate, too little lubrication unreliable, too much may cause governor the rotation of the centrifugal element resistance increased, reduce speed sensitivity, light person traveling block, the person that weigh can cause serious accidents of coasters.
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