Diesel generator should be how to inspection and maintenance of cold

by:Jet Power     2020-12-02
Inter-cooled diesel generator radiator with tank hold together, installed in the engine front, with suction fan and the car surface wind for cooling, cold trap if cooling bad will lead to the lack of engine power, fuel consumption increase, therefore, should be conducted on a regular basis and mid-cooling device for inspection and maintenance, the main contents are: 1. External cleaning ( The car cleaning method) Due to the cold machine installed in the front, inter-cooled cooling channel is often leaves, sludge ( To overflow the hydraulic oil tank) Such as congestion, make the cold heat up, so there should be conducted on a regular basis to clean. In the process of air in the turbocharger, the airflow encounter greater resistance, compressor inlet negative pressure is too high to be inhaled compressor lubricating oil, burning with compressed air into the combustion chamber. Reasons include air filter clogging, compressor, or cold product pollution, low speed diesel generators idle for a long time or wall loading operation, etc. Cleaning method is to use less pressure nozzle to hang straight cold plane Angle, top-down or bottom-up flush slowly, but never can damage of oblique shock to prevent cold. 2. The cleaning, internal inspection ( Overhauling cleaning method) Inter-cooled internal pipe is often accompanied by sludge, colloid and other dirt, make the air circulation not only Narrows, and heat transfer of cooling capacity is reduced, therefore, must also be for maintenance and cleaning. Usually a year or engine overhaul, welding repair tank at the same time, the internal cleaning and inspection of the cold machine. One phenomenon to attract the attention of maintenance personnel, the diesel generators speed to accelerate, some black smoke exhaust discharge, a slight leakage acoustic idle running. Check the gas leakage source, the original is a cold air intake hose ( The supercharger - Cold) Cracking, cause leakage, especially in high speed, out of the supercharger of high pressure gas leaked from the hose rupture, reduce the amount of air the room into the cylinders, influence of diesel engine power output. Cause of high speed acceleration. Cleaning method: aqueous solution containing 2% soda ash ( Temperature should be 70 & ndash; 80℃) Join the inter-cooled apparatus, fill, wait for 15 minutes, see inter-cooled presence of seepage. If you have any response to overhaul, repair welding ( As well as repair tank) ; If there is no leakage, before and after shaking, repeated several times, will wash out, and then filling the clean aqueous solution containing 2% soda ash to wash, clean hot water until it is cleaner, and then listed ( 80 - 90℃) Cleaning, until out of clean water. Such as cold machine external on oil, also can use alkaline cleaning, the method is: put the oil soaked in lye, clean with brush, until clean. After cleaning, use compressed air to blow dry the water in cold or dry naturally or when installing a cold device won't pick up cold and engine connecting pipe, starter motor, stay cold trap, the outlet without water and connected to the engine intake pipe. If discover inter-cooled wick serious smudgy, carefully check air filter and air intake pipe where loopholes, and troubleshooting.
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