Diesel generator set what is the cause of the coolant loop not?

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
Diesel generator set what is the cause of the coolant loop not? 1, diesel generating sets the pump failure. Generator mastery in the industry believe that we need to check whether the water pump function is good, if it is found that the water pump drive gear shaft wear over time shows that the pump has does not work, need to change to normal cycle. 2, diesel generating sets coolant level is too low or do not conform to the rules. Liquid level is too low can directly cause the coolant temperature cooling fluid circulation, cooling fluid according to regulations is 50% antifreeze + 50% + DCA4 demineralized water, if do not conform to the rules will cause pipeline jam, rust inside the wall, make the cooling fluid can't normal cycle. 3, diesel generating sets thermostat failure. Engine combustion chamber with a thermostat, the purpose is to control the engine combustion chamber temperature, thermostat must be within the prescribed temperature fully open help small cycle, if there is no thermostat, cooling fluid can't maintain cycle temperature, may lead to the low temperature alarm. 4, diesel generating sets, mixed with air in the cooling system, caused the uneven line, expansion tank on the suction valve and exhaust valve damage also directly affect the circulation, then should always check the pressure value is in accordance with the provisions, the suction pressure is 10 kpa, exhaust pressure is 40 kpa, exhaust line was clear except time also is the main reason that influence the cycle. 5, diesel generating sets radiator fin jam or damage. A cooling fan doesn't work or heat sink jams, cannot make the cooling fluid temperature drop down, heat sink, rusty, leakage phenomenon can also cause a bad circulation.
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