Diesel generator set what are ready for commissioning

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
Unit installed, the control system of electrical parts, after checking and debugging, should undertake to put into operation. Diesel generator commissioning preparation: ( 1) Removal of components and control the dust inside the screen. ( 2) Check the switch, button operation is flexible, contacts are in good condition, whether the instrument appearance in good condition, whether the pointer in the zero, all the components whether the installation is firm, component model specification is consistent with the drawings, and so on and so forth. ( 3) Check the control panel of the primary and secondary loop connection is correct and reliable. At the ends of the secondary circuit wiring number is consistent with the circuit diagram, plug cable connection is correct, whether open circuit and short circuit phenomenon. ( 4) Connect the output of the alternator line; And vice touchscreen knife switch, connect a good power grid to vice touchscreen wire; Master control panel to vice touchscreen, unit, control panel each plug is good and needs to connect terminals connected well. Diesel engine to start the battery terminal should be shorter jie, diesel heating device and cable connected between the main control panel.
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