Diesel generator set use factors

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
Diesel generator set use factors are various, such as the quality of the fuel and lubricating oil, diesel engine, the use of engine speed and load conditions and operating conditions, etc. Discuss the impact of these factors is the most realistic significance to our practical work. The quality of the fuel and lubricating oil should be compatible and the structure of the diesel engine. If containing sulfur and other impurities in diesel oil, in the process of combustion will produce acid and other corrosive substances, accelerate the wear of cylinder; More heavy distillate, burned in the diesel is easy to form carbon deposit, make the piston ring and cylinder produces abrasive wear; The size of the diesel oil viscosity of mixture formation, oil supply have affected equipment operation reliability. Impact on the lubricating oil, the largest is the viscosity and the oxidation resistance, should be used according to the reasonable selection of diesel engine working conditions, must not use. Test showed that diesel generating sets of friction and load increases with the rotating speed. As load increases, the pressure increases friction on the surface of a unit, heat in bad condition. Friction when the speed increases, the unit time the number of times and a half, and under the same power, the transfer speed increase is bigger than the load increases wear. But low speed due to cannot guarantee good fluid lubrication conditions, also increase the wear and tear, so, for a certain amount of diesel engine, a most suitable working speed range. In addition, diesel generating sets often acceleration, deceleration and stop and start instability at work, because of the speed and load changes frequently, diesel generating sets, and the bad lubrication condition thermal state is not stable, wear is increased. Crankshaft speed is low, especially when starting, oil pump oil supply is not timely, low add oil temperature, oil viscosity, friction surface is difficult to establish fluid lubrication, wear is very serious. Using the environment temperature of diesel generating sets of wear is also influential. High temperature when the engine is overheating, lubricating oil viscosity is low, wear parts will increase. Temperature low viscosity lubricating oil, diesel engine starting difficulty, cooling water can not maintain normal temperature at work, increase the wear and corrosion parts. Diesel engine during cold starting, the more serious the wear. The working temperature of diesel generating set is one of the important factors that affect the wear. In use process, as a result of the limitation of the cooling system structure, the working load and the change of speed, temperature change of the environment factors, make the diesel engine operating temperature range is very large. Practice shows that in 75 ~ 85 ℃, cooling water temperature control most good lubricating oil temperature during 75 ~ 95 ℃.
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