Diesel generator set temperature and pressure protection system

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
1. Introduction of system temperature and pressure control is critical in the diesel engine running. Lubricating oil pressure, oil pressure is insufficient, diesel engine will not be able to run. The high-power medium speed diesel engine are mostly have a set of relatively complete monitoring test system, some important parameters on diesel engine ( Such as temperature, pressure, etc. ) Monitor, once these parameters is beyond the scope set, sound and light alarm or automatic stop. Diesel generator sets cylinder exhaust, turbine exhaust, main bearing, stator, jacket water temperature measurement and fuel oil, lubricating oil and so on, starting air, oil, water, jacket water, water nozzle, such as inlet pressure monitoring. The temperature and pressure monitoring, alarm and safety shutdown system is mainly composed of perfectly on the control panel of CMR424, CMR524 unit. In the operation of the diesel engine in temperature sensing element is numerous, but can be roughly divided into heat resistance ( 装PT100) And thermocouple ( Ni- Cr / Ni - Al) Two kinds of types. Through the thermal resistance sensors in the change of temperature change resistance and thermocouple sensor thermoelectric potential changes as the temperature changes, turn signal transmitted to CMR424 system, comparison, printing, display and alarm, or jumping. Pressure transmitting is mainly through the field of pressure transmitter turn signal transmitted to CMR424 system, comparison, printing, display and alarm, or jumping. 2. Advantages and disadvantages of this system is small in size, less component ( Each of these signals converted from an independent circuit board) , layout, focus, easy to monitor, and some temperature ( Such as jacket water temperature, oil temperature, etc. ) The control of PLC microcomputer control, high degree of automation. Lubricating oil pressure and jacket water pressure of pressure switch is adopted in the on-site directly ACTS on the machine. Even so, the system still has some limitations. For the exhaust temperature, only a single cylinder and the average temperature difference alarm, there is no single cylinder temperature more than set point of alarm, temperature can real-time display. The traditional recorder needs a lot of printing paper, printing interval is too long, a variety of curve together is not easy to discern, and unable to digital, and so on. Damage of the turbocharger is several times because there is no temperature rise in the valve damage and destroyed the turbocharger. 3. Common faults show improvement countermeasures to prevent and temperature fluctuation and large amplitude, display - sometimes 1 or 1 that the cause of the problem are: first, connect the plug contact undesirable, can tighten, CMR424 display - when the plug loose 1; Second, probe features becomes bad, can be replaced probe, particularly when thermal resistance probe short-circuit CMR424 show 1; Third, the electronic board needs to be adjusted. Temperature display electronic board failure or set temperature change can use standard resistance box or enter a set of standard millivolt generator temperature signal, it can use the constant temperature box input a group of actual temperature calibration. It belongs to the electronic board fault should be replaced. Set small changes in temperature, Less than 2%) Belong to the normal situation, is the result of temperature drift.
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