Diesel generator set summer use have any requirements

by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
High summer temperatures are measured, whether imported generator or domestic generator, coupled to the heat generated in itself, the application of high frequency is measured, then, how the safe application of diesel generator set in the summer? The main thing is: avoid diesel generating sets of water temperature is too high, below, introduces several summer application diesel generator set of considerations: well ventilated installation site should be well ventilated, generator end should have enough inlet, diesel engine side should have a good outlet. Outlet area should be greater than the tank area 1. More than 5 times. Keep clean installation of the surrounding should be kept clean, avoid place nearby can produce acid, alkali and other corrosive gas and steam. The best configuration extinguishing equipment. Smoke flow in indoor application, must will exhaust pipe guide, outdoor pipe diameter must be & ge; Silencer of pipe diameter, pipe joint by the elbow shoulds not be more than three, to ensure smooth smoke and pipe should be tilted down 5 - 10 degrees, avoid rain water injection; If the exhaust pipe when the vertical installation, it must be equipped with cover. Shockproof basis using concrete, must use its levelness level test when installation, make fixed in level on the basis of the unit. Between units and base should have special cushion or use the foot bolt. Protection grounding unit shell must have a reliable protection, with necessary generator neutral point grounding directly, is a professional must hold a neutral grounding, and lightning protection device configuration, it is forbidden to use the utility of neutral point grounding device held directly grounded. Two-way switch generators and the utility two-way switch must be very reliable, to prevent transmission. Two-way switch wiring reliability need to be approved by the local power supply departments of inspection. The local power supply departments of inspection approval.
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