Diesel generator set power use

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
Diesel generating set is made up by diesel engine and synchronous alternator. High-power diesel engine allows the use of the limited by parts of the mechanical load and thermal load, thus to rules allow continuous operation of the power is called nominal power; Diesel generator set power diesel engine using note: machine cannot be used more than nominal power, otherwise it will shorten its service life, and may even cause an accident. The calibration of diesel engine power; The standard provisions of the state, in the calibration of the nameplate of diesel engine power is divided into the following four categories; 1, 15 min power: that is the most high power diesel engine allow 15 min. In a short period of time may overload operation and the request has the acceleration power calibration, such as automobile, motorcycle, etc. The calibration of diesel engine power. 2, 1 h power: the maximum effective power of the diesel engine is allowed to continue to run 1 h. Such as wheeled tractor, motorcycle, ship power of diesel engine calibration. 3, 12 h power: the maximum effective power of the diesel engine allows continuous running 12 h, that is, we often say power rating. Such as power plant units, engineering machinery power diesel engine calibration. 4, continuous output: the most great power diesel engine is allowed to run continuously for a long time.
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