Diesel generator set operation procedures

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
A diesel generating set operating procedures, generating set should be placed in a smooth and safe place, should be used rainproof measures in open air. Power should be when using specialist unattended operation. 2, 1, before starting the operation rules of diesel engine should check the cooling water of diesel engine, fuel oil, engine oil. Check the oil pan and fuel injection pump in the oil surface, whether the cooling water to the water at the top of the chamber, each part should not have leakage phenomenon. 2, after starting shall, from time to time, pay attention to the oil pressure, oil pressure does not rise when banned diesel engine speeds up, when the oil temperature higher than 450 c, water temperature higher than 550 c may gradually into the full load operation. 3, the winter should pay attention to when using cooling water to freeze, should be unscrewed the body after downtime, water pump and water drain valve on the radiator, oil cooler, the cooling water line. Three, the rules of operating the generator 1, before the use should check each part of the generator, the connection between the control box whether be affected with damp be affected with damp, loose, current, voltmeter and regulating table to see if there is damage phenomenon, if any, it should be replaced in a timely manner. 2, when the diesel engine starting operation, check the shaft section, generators, voice is normal. 3, when in full load operation of diesel engine, check the output voltage, current and frequency, and adjustment, to meet the job requirements. 4, external use electrical operation, pay attention to the three phase equilibrium. It is strictly prohibited to overload use. 5, the generator should check at any time, generator and output control box and the working state of the electrical components. Before four parking, diesel generating sets, first of all, should cut off the load to use electrical appliances, and let the engine gradually slow down, slow down after 3 ~ 5 minutes, can stop. Five, operators should often clean diesel generating sets on the surface of the dirt, dust, fuel oil, water, screw loosening, and found a flat, and other faults, should stop by the requirement, and please repair professional repair personnel.
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