Diesel generator set of requirements for the relay protection device

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
Relay protection device is to ensure that the safety of power supply, protection of electrical equipment and installations, therefore, is: (to the requirement of it 1) Action quickly when the power supply system or electrical equipment failure occurs, the relay protection device time limit should be short, quick removal of fault, to reduce the damage of the protected equipment, to prevent the spread of the fault. For electrical components, if the short circuit current through the heat and the short circuit current is proportional to the sum of the squares of the current through the time, therefore, protection device to remove the faster, the heat generation is smaller, the equipment is not easy to damage. ( 2) Sensitivity to high sensitivity refers to the fault or within the scope of protection device to protect its working state abnormal response ability. The higher sensitivity, fault detect and remove the sooner, and damage to the systems and equipment. ( 3) Higher reliability refers to the device itself should be able to work in a reliable way. In normal operation or excluded from the scope of its protection fault, should not be wrong action, and fall within the scope of its protection fault, should not be refused to action. Therefore, the reliability of protection is very important, otherwise, it itself is likely to be produced and expand the root cause of the accident.
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