Diesel generator set of oil pump inspection and repair

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
1. Oil pump check 1) Check the drive shaft. Driven shaft and pump body positioning pin for wear and damage. 2) Check the pump body, cover by no crack and damage, crack bushing on the pump body is damaged. 3) Measure the pump cover and liner inner hole on the pump body, than range should be replaced, as shown in figure 6 - 14. 4) Check the shaft and the main, driven gear oil pollution damage. If the gear tooth root have cavitation pits, cracks, the gear tooth surface has a pit, scratch fracture, etc. , should change gears and shaft, as shown in figure 6 - 15. 5) Check whether there is any crack on the main drive gear and other damage, as shown in figure 6 - 16. 2. When oil pump assembly machine pump assembly to check the project: 1) After the main, driven shaft into the pump body protruding length accurately. 2) The clearance between the pump body and gear shall not be greater than zero. 30mm。 For double oil pump, gear cavity between lower surface and gear should be 0. 05 ~ 0. 10 mm gap. 3) If oil pump oil piston cooling oil pipe, and has been removed, will be new tubing on pump body, insert the flat end of the tubing pump body, must ensure that the tubing pump body 75. 44-76. 20mm。 4) The pressure regulating valve or high pressure bypass valve in the pump body, screw down the bolt torque is 40 ~ 47 n & middot; m。 5) The pump cover and the new gasket on the pump body, screw down the bolt torque is 40 ~ 47 n & middot; M and running in gear should be free rotation. 6) With variable flow cooled ( DFC) Lubrication system has a pump maintenance, basic content and the same, the difference is as follows: (1) check the main, driven shaft wear and tear. If the diameter is less than 22. 22 mm or oil damage, should be replaced. (2) check the pump body, pump cover, and the driven gear bushing. If the bushing damaged or inner diameter greater than 22. 29 mm, should be replaced.
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