Diesel generator set MVT device assembly

by:Jet Power     2020-12-09
On both ends of the cover on both ends of the CAM follower arm assembly: CAM follower arm cover assembly without mechanical timing adjusting mechanism with general assembly method is basically the same, the difference that is as follows: 1) Eccentric line suits into injector servo arm hole. Load eccentric bushings fastening screws so that the sleeve is fixed in the servo arm, as shown in figure 3 - 21. Must not will tighten screw out into small sleeve shaft hole. 2) And fuel injector valve servo arm servo arm into the servo arm in the corresponding position. 3) Put forward, after the cover with movable arm shaft, the shaft through the servo arm cover and servo control arm, make the spline end of the shaft (out of the cover Must make the shaft milling flat part on the eccentric sleeve of fastening screws) 。 4) Into the shaft, make the spline end cover 23 servo arm. 23 ~ 24. 75mm。 Figure 3 - available 22 rated as tools to adjust the size. 5) Tighten the fastening screws to 61 ~ 75 in eccentric bushings n & middot; M, as shown in figure 3 - 23. Make sure axis servo arm swinging flexible. CAM follower arm cover rated among assembly: 1) The wheel positioning pin into servo arm at opposite ends of the cover. 2) The bulge into the ends of the shaft with specialized tools, make its edges flush with shaft end. 3) The pivot line suits into the injector with movable arm hole. The fastening screw into eccentric set, tighten bushing in the servo arm ( Must not have fastening screw reached out to the eccentric sleeve shaft hole) 。 4) And fuel injector valve servo arm servo arm into the servo arm cover position accordingly. 5) Actuator gear to be included in the servo arm cover, make the gear tooth close to follow up the arm cover. Sure to parts of the gear with a wide tooth toward the servo arm at the bottom of the cover, as shown in figure 3 - 24. 6) The shaft into servo arm cover, through the servo arm hole of cover, the servo arm and gear, as shown in figure 3 - 25. Width of the shaft end of the spline tooth should aim at the gear spline groove width. Be sure to aim the axis milling flat part of the eccentric bushings of fastening screws. 7) Axis after the transfer, let the opposite side of the actuator gear shaft end is located in the servo arm end of less than 25. 30 ~ 25. 40 mm. With a special tool to adjust to the accurate size, as shown in figure 3 - 26.
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