Diesel generator set installation matters and the following problems to overhaul?

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
Generator installation matters 1, diesel generating sets shall be installed smoothly, fixed unit should be installed at the foot of not less than 2 cm rubber shock absorbers. 2, diesel generating sets shall be installed in the ventilation, cooling and dust. 3, must carry the load for the first time in more than 50%, shall not exceed 80%, after 60 hours break-in, shall be put into normal use. 4, normal shall use 80% of the rated power generating set. 5, different specifications of the lubricating oil do not mix. 6, the cold weather, you should use antifreeze coolant or stop valve open all after cooling, so as to avoid frost crack the body. 7, diesel generating sets starting battery need regular check, a check 1 time for 15 days. 8, diesel generating sets need oil change regularly, generally replaced every 200 hours each use. Often time not 9, diesel generator, had better be in open diesel generating sets for 15 days more than 10 minutes, the best diesel engine water temperature reached more than 50 degrees. One, the power to be markedly reduced. The gas into the largest position, only about 60% of the rated power output power of diesel engine, with no obvious dynamic load. To fuel crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, distribution mechanism, and related parts, after adjusting for maintenance, power still cannot be restored. Second, the significant increase in fuel consumption. The fuel consumption is more than 30% of the rated & ndash; More than 50%, oil fuel consumption is more than 1 times the rated, exhaust out of the engine oil, crankcase vent ( Or filler) With oil mist of smoke, crankcase inside temperature increased significantly. Three heavily damaged, cylinder liner, piston, etc. Cylinder piston and the crankshaft journal wear is more than the limit value of worn parts, valve-train make sealing cylinder, cylinder pressure is reduced. Four, could not be started smoothly. After downtime, the cooling water temperature is 50 & ndash; 60 ℃, could not be started smoothly and working temperature of 70 diesel engine & ndash; From 90 ℃, the cylinder piston and piston pin, main bearing and connecting rod bearing shell rattled.
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